Thursday, March 4, 2010

President Elect

Hello members!

On March 2nd, Darius Lana, junior of the Ad/P.R. program at UCF became the president elect for Quotes. We hope many of you were there to hear him speak about his experiences and how he will benefit the club.

I had a chance to speak with Darius about his position and his vision for Quotes. Darius became a member of Quotes so he could become more involved with PR. His leadership skills that he has made as a PR coordinator for the Student Government, his ability to work in a team and listening well to others will help him take on the challenge of becoming president for Quotes.

Darius is excited about the transformation of PR and the role that Quotes will play in shaping the students that are the members of this club. One of the main aspects that Darius wants to bring to Quotes, are volunteering events, because he feels very strongly about lending a helping hand.

His enthusiasm and experience in Student Government, field related internships and hosting the Knightcast radio show, The Hype, will bring Quotes to a new level of a strong standing club at UCF.

Remember, up to date information is always updated on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Have a fun and safe spring break and we will see you all March 16 for the Intern Pursuit Workshop.

--Masha Murakhovsky

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