Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quotes Defines 2009

Throughout the past year, Quotes, the UCF Ad/PR Club, has undeniably undergone a makeover. Welcoming our new faculty advisor, Ryan Sheehy, and a new director of the Nicholson School of Communications, Dr. Chandler, the club seeks to continually develop with our burgeoning members.

Thus far in the Spring 2009 semester, Quotes has presented its members with two different but impactful meetings. Our first meeting of 2009, occurring on Tues., Jan. 20, brought several Quotes Board Members including Michelle Khouri, Aley Vaughan, and Nathan Christopher, into the limelight for an interactive internship panel discussion. Moderated by Ryan Sheehy, Michelle, Aley, and Nathan, shared with their peers the impact of the club on their professional development through local and national internships. Their experiences with prominent government entities and Fortune 500 companies helped inspire current members to continuously reach for their career dreams. Offering important advice such as intertwining a unique voice and story into cover letters gave Quotes members insight into making themselves stand out among a stack of resumes.

The second meeting of 2009, scheduled on Feb. 3, brought UCF’s own Keith Jensen to the stage. A successful creative director for a local Orlando ad agency and a current speech professor at UCF, Jensen shared with Quotes members a glimpse into agency life. Sharing not only his own professional portfolio, Jensen also gave members a perspective from a potential employer. He advised students to take a second look through their resume, cover letter, and portfolio and make sure that these documents are completely consistent, grammatically and visually. Jensen also advised students on the importance of keeping their personal social networking pages clean and private, stating that employers are looking for reliable and dependable representatives for their company. More information on Jensen can be found at his site, also visit his favorite advertising site, for more inspiration.

The next Quotes meeting will be held Tues., Feb. 17, at 4:30 p.m. in ENG 2 room 203. Quotes, the Ad/PR Club will share with its members a unique glance into global PR, opening students' eyes to communication across cultures. Discussing the world of international public relations, Ryan Sheehy will engage students with insight from her adventures across the world showing how communication extends beyond language and cultural barriers. She will be accompanied by student, and Quotes board member, Lauri Gagnon. The two will give members a glimpse into the similarities and differences between us and our professional counterparts over seas. There will also be a short description of the second annual Ireland Study Abroad opportunity.

To learn more about the club, join the Facebook group: “Quotes Ad/PR Club” or contact the Quotes advisor, Ryan Sheehy, or Quotes President Aley Vaughan.